Ontario - Toronto

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Toronto is a city buzzing with it's multicultural mix of people, food and festivals

Set along the banks of Lake Ontario, Toronto is a city of soaring skyscrapers that pale in comparison to the impressive CN Tower.

The CN Tower in Toronto cannot be missed...no, really, it can't! No matter how you make your way into Toronto, this Tower can be seen sticking half a kilometer into the skyline and will always stand out. As the second tallest free standing building in the world, the CN Tower offers the most spectacular 360 degree views of the city of Toronto and well beyond. The CN Tower has its own fine dine revolving restaurant, as well as more casual dining restaurant. There is also a motion theatre ride to keep you entertained and various souvenir shops.

Getting there:

Routing How long by train?
Montreal - Toronto 5hrs
Ottawa - Toronto 4hrs 40mins