Journey Through The Clouds - 2 Day Rail : FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How far do we travel on the Rocky Mountaineer?

We travel about 450 kilometers (280 miles). 

Does the Rocky Mountaineer travel during the night?

The Rocky Mountaineer travels only during the day ensuring you do not miss out on the spectacular scenery. After a day on-board the train, you overnight in either Kamloops or Quesnel and British Columbia. 

What are the advantages to traveling these routes by rail?

There are many unique features to rail travel. You will enjoy an extremely comfortable seat with ample legroom and have the freedom to stretch your legs and enjoy the fresh air while in the vestibules. Combined with attentive service and outstanding commentary, this type of leisurely paced travel will ensure that you know you are on vacation. One of the greatest advantages, however, is the ability to travel through areas simply not accessible by foot, car or motor coach. The routes we travel on are described as engineering marvels and as we follow rushing rivers, pass beside towering waterfalls and ride through spectacular river canyons, you will understand why.

What speed does the train travel?

The advantage of our train is that we are able to slow down at the most scenic areas to offer you the best viewing and camera opportunities. We call it Kodak® speed! While there are areas the train reaches up to 90kph (60mph), our average speed is approximately 50 kph (30mph).

Is smoking permitted on the train and in the hotel rooms?

To ensure the preservation of the fragile environment of the areas in which we travel and for the comfort of all guests and employees, there is no smoking onboard Rocky Mountaineer. This includes the vestibules between the coaches and restroom facilities. The hotels do have limited smoking rooms available so please make sure you indicate your preference to the reservations or travel agent when you book your tour.

Why does the Rocky Mountaineer only operate between April and October?

We offer all daylight tours meaning you stay overnight in comfortable accommodation in Kamloops and Quesnel, the halfway points of the rail journeys. Travelling during this time of the year ensures that we take full advantage of the daylight hours and the spectacular scenery during the time of year when the regions show their full colours. For those wishing a winter experience onboard the Rocky Mountaineer, we offer a full range of tour options for the month of December.

What will the weather be like -and what should I pack?

Temperatures vary significantly depending on location, time of day, and season, from a low of 10°C (50° F) to a high of 30° C (90° F). Kamloops and Quesnel, in particular, may be very warm in the summer. Plan to bring a sweater, slacks, and a light topcoat or raincoat, as well as lightweight summer wear. Pack sturdy comfortable shoes, especially if you plan to walk in the mountains. Flat-soled shoes should be worn on the train. Comfortable, casual attire is welcomed on the Rocky Mountaineer and many of our guests carry their sunglasses with them onboard the train. In spring and fall, include a light coat or warm jacket if you're travelling to high altitudes.

Can children travel on the Rocky Mountaineer?

Yes. However, the Rocky Mountaineer trip is a minimum of two 9-hour days onboard the train, which may be long for some children. The child age is 0-11 years inclusive and child rates apply.

What currency should I carry when travelling in Canada and on the train?

The currency used in Canada is Canadian dollars. Transactions onboard the train may be paid with travellers checks, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Diner's Card. We also accept US currency at close to the current exchange rate, but we recommend that conversion to Canadian dollars take place prior to the train departure.

Should I plan connecting transportation on the day of the Rocky Mountaineer's arrival?

Passenger rail travel in Canada is subject to unforeseen delays. While the Rocky Mountaineer is treated as a priority by the railways it uses, occasional delays do occur. For that reason, we ask that you please do NOT arrange connecting transportation on the day of your scheduled arrival in any destination.

What wildlife will I see?

There are wonderful opportunities for viewing wildlife from the train and during your stay in the Canadian Rockies including bear, elk, deer, moose, bald eagles, osprey, salmon, mountain goats and bighorn sheep. However, "wildlife are wild" and as such, sightings are never guaranteed. If you do come into contact with animals please act responsibly, maintain a safe distance and never feed any wild animals.

Are we able to move within the Rocky Mountaineer?

One of the advantages of train travel is the spacious room afforded to all guests.

Are GoldLeaf coaches accessible by wheelchair?

We have excellent wheelchair facilities for both services. There are areas where a wheelchair can be secured in place and have very easy access to the wheelchair accessible washrooms. Wheelchair lifters are available at all stations and the GoldLeaf dome coaches are equipped with interior ADA-style elevators. All we ask is that we are informed at the time of booking of the extent of the disability so we can guarantee that all plans are in place to ensure the vacation experience is a pleasant one.

Can you address my dietary concerns onboard the train?

Absolutely. All we ask is that you provide Rail Europe with 72 hours notice regarding your request. We will do everything possible to make your trip on the train memorable.