Eurail Global Flexi Pass : FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate my Pass once I get to Europe?

Before boarding your first train in Europe, you must present your Eurail Pass and passport at a train station ticket window for activation. Once at the ticket window the train station attendant will activate your pass by stamping the activation box, filling out your passport details and the first day & last day of the travel period. 

What is the difference between a Consecutive days Pass and a Flexi Pass?

A Consecutive Pass is valid for the number of days purchased. A 21 day pass is valid for 21 days in a row, you are not required to travel every day if you do not wish, however you will lose those days and no refund can be issued for unused days.

The Flexi Pass offers unlimited travel on a number of select days over a specific period, eg. 5 days in 1 month allows you to travel any given 5 days of your choice within a 1 month period.

Do children travel free?

Two children aged 4-11 years inclusive travels free for each paying adult. The free child offer must be requested at the time of booking the adult pass. The free child offer is NOT valid in conjunction with a Senior or Youth fare. Additional children aged 4-11 years purchase a Youth fare. Children under 4 years travel free if not occupying a seat / bed. Seat reservation fees still apply.

Where can I view train timetables?

Please click on Timetables from the top toolbar on our website. Please select the timetable you require (note Western/Eastern European timetables is the one for Europe). Here you can look up timetables for the trains you require. Please refer to our Timetable Help Sheet if you are having trouble looking up your train.Do not request for a fare as this link is only used for train times. For train numbers/additional information please tick the far left hand side box, and this will bring up train times, if reservations are compulsory and additional details.

What constitutes a rail day?

For trains: A travel day is midnight to midnight. You can travel on as many trains as you like during this period.

A month on a pass is counted as a calendar month. For example, a pass that begins on October 15th, will expire at midnight on November 14th.

How far in advance can a sleeper or seat reservation be made?

Click here for a detailed list. 

Can I use a Rail Pass to go on the Swiss Scenic Trains?

Eurail Pass including Switzerland are eligible to travel on the Swiss Scenic Trains and requires a use of a travel day. Reservations are compulsory on most Swiss Scenic Trains and are an additional cost. 

How much luggage can I take? 

For most European trains, there are no luggage restrictions & bags do not need to be checked in. Simply take up to as much luggage as you can comfortably carry and store it in provided racks at the end of the carriage or above your seat. Once the train arrives, take your luggage off the train with you and you're free to exit the station - no waiting around! 

For some trains, such as Eurostar & Thalys, there are luggage limits however they are generous and weight restrictions usually do not apply.