Swiss Travel Pass (Consecutive days) : FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does my e-Ticket work?

Your pass must be printed on A4 paper and presented to the ticket control staff along with your passport. Click here for full details.

What is the difference between a Consecutive days Pass and a flexi Pass?

A consecutive Pass is valid for the number of days purchased. A 21 day pass is valid for 21 days in a row, you are not required to travel every day if you do not wish, however you will lose those days and no refund can be issued for unused days.

The flexi Pass allows flexibility of travelling within a 1 month or 2 month period, i.e. 4 days in two months allows you to travel any given 4 days of your choice within a 2 month period

Where can I view train timetables?

Please select Train schedules from our website on the top toolbar select the relevant timetable. This will take you to a Query page, please fill in the form, To, Date and Time field and then click on search connection. In some instances it may ask you for the age, please type in any default age. (Do not request for a fare as this link is only used for train times) For train numbers/additional information please tick the far left hand side box, and this will bring up train times, if reservations are compulsory and additional details.

What constitutes a rail day?

For trains: A travel day is midnight to midnight. You can travel on as many trains as you like during this period.

A month on a pass is counted as a calendar month. For example, a pass that begins on October 15th, will expire at midnight on November 14th.

How far in advance can a sleeper or seat reservation be made?

Are Swiss Scenic Trains covered on my Swiss Travel Pass?

You are able to use your Swiss Travel Pass to travel on Swiss Scenic trains. Seat reservation fees apply.

Seat reservations are not compulsory on all other Swiss trains, including high speed trains. 

For more information on booking in advance please click here.