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Greece is known to be the birthplace of the Olympics, the home of Hercules, Zeus and other God's. One of the places in the world that have so much history, culture, archaeological museums and collections spread across the country and its vivid lifestyle are what makes Greece so unique.


Train Travel in Greece

The national railway company that operates passenger trains in Greece is known as the Hellenic Railways Organisation (OSE). In Greek it is written out as Οργανισμ?ς Σιδηροδρ?μων Ελλ?δος (Ο.Σ.Ε.). Travellers can take the train to travel on major routes such as Piraeus to Athens, Athens to Larissa and Thessaloniki, Athens to Corinth and Kiato, as well as Thessaloniki to Idomeni. There are three types of train service in Greece, the regular rail service, the express trains and the Intercity trains. The latter are the fastest way to commute between two cities and require a seat reservation.






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