Italy - Trenitalia : Overview

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Italy - Trenitalia

Trenitalia offers direct rail connections between Italian cities and neighboring countries.

There is no greater experience, or more beautiful sight, than arriving in Venice by train, exiting the station and seeing the Grand Canal before your eyes. Rail travel in Italy has never been so easy.

Routing Travel Time Frequency
Rome - Florence 1hr 28 per day
Rome - Venice 4hrs 30 9 per day
Rome - Milan 3hrs 30 16 per day
Rome - Naples 1hrs 07 21per day
Milan – Venice 2hrs 20 8 per day
Florence – Venice 2hrs 37 9 per day
Florence - Pisa 48 mins 4 per day
Milan – Turin 1hr 10 6 per day

Access to trains

Trenitalia close their train doors 1 minute prior to departure.

  • Travellers must board their train at least one minute prior to the train's departure.
  • At one minute prior to departure the train doors will be closed, thereafter boarding will not be possible.
  • This applies to Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, Frecciabianco, Intercity and IntercityNight trains .