Italian Night Trains : Overview

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Italian Night Trains

Travelling by train through Italy at night can be a relaxing and as well as a cost effective way to get between several locations in Italy. Night trains offer an economic and comfortable sleeping carriage getting you to your next stop by train.

Examples of night routes available

Route Travel Time
Milan - Naples 10h13
Palermo - Rome 12h40
Rome - Messina 8h50


  • Italian Night trains can be reserved 60 days prior to the train departure date
  • Reservations are compulsory
  • All traveller names & passport numebers are required when booking Italian night train e-tickets.
  • Ticket control and passport checks are done aboard the train.
  • ID mandatory: proper Id (passport or identity card) is mandatory and required when travelling by overnight train in Italy and Europe, please have this documentation readily available upon request from the conductor
  • Child age is 4-11 years inclusive
  • No senior fares