France - Spain High Speed : Overview

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France - Spain High Speed

Travel during the day between France and Spain in under 6.5 hours, onboard a high speed TGV or AVE train.

France-Spain High Speed services connect  21 cities between the two countries and allow for connections to multiple  destinations in France and  Spain.

  • TGV Duplex from Paris to Barcelona
  • AVE from Toulouse or Lyon to Barcelona
  • AVE from Marseille to Madrid
  • Montpellier to Barcelona

Benefits of travelling on France-Spain High Speed trains:

  • City centre to City centre
  • Easy boarding
  • Relax and enjoy the scenery
  • Travelling by train is convenient, comfortable & time-saving
  • Feeling hungry Not a problem with onboard catering
  • Frequent departures & routes
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Travelling with pets is no problem