TGV : TGV Brussels-France

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TGV  Brussels-France

TGV is an easy and comfortable way to travel from city centre to city centre between France and Belgium. Large ergonomic seats throughout this high speed train with a bar and food car make these journeys effortless. This TGV goes from Brussels to 30 French destinations including Charles-de-Gaulle airport, Disneyland, Lille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Marseille and more...

Routing Travel Time Frequency- per day
Brussels-Lille 0h35 min 5
Brussels-Charles-de-Gaulle airport 1h15 8
Brussels-Disneyland 1h31 8
Brussels-Lyon 3h41 5
Brussels-Avignon TGV 4h17 3
Brussels-Bordeaux 5h41 1
Brussels-Nice 7h42 1
Brussels-Marseille 4h56 3
Brussels-Montpellier 5h39 3

Passholder Fares explained:

There are 3 types of Passholder fares available for the TGV Brussels-France train. They are defined below:

  • Pass 1 valid for passengers with a pass covering France and Belgium (cheapest fare)
  • Pass 2 valid for passengers with a pass covering France
  • Pass 3 valid for passengers with a pass covering Belgium

First class

  • A Solo seat for peace and privacy.
  • 2 adjoining seats or a Club space for working in groups of two or four.
  • Power sockets for laptop or mobile phone
  • Larger seats, recline electronically
  • A space for a person in a wheelchair is available. Traveller must request it when making their reservation.

Second class

  • Comfort, convenience
  • Access to the bar service.
  • The ''Carré'' for travelling in groups of four.

Other services

  • A bar and food counter: open for the duration of the journey. You will find a variety of food and refreshments to enjoy in the bar car: breakfast formula, meals, warm and cold dishes, sandwiches, dessert, warm and cold beverages.
  • Facilities for disabled travellers: on all major routes, the TGV have a special coach in 1st class and 2nd class which has built-in wheelchair lift and a bookable space for a wheelchair. Facilities in stations.
  • All trains are non smoking
  • Every ergonomic seat is reclining with comfortable headrest and footrest
  • Individual reading lights
  • Spacious luggage storage, at eye-sight
  • Ambient lighting, softer and natural