Thello : Overview

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Overnight Service: Paris - Milan or Venice

Thello trains are the same as the previous Artesia night trains, trainsets are being refurbished however they offer a similar level of comfort.

The TGV France- Italy trains have intermediate stops at, Verona Porta Nuova, Brescia, Milan, Dijon , Bologna and Florence stations for people to board and disembark.

**This is not a luxury train. The train compartments & service are basic. Please ensure you have realistic expectations for travelling on this sleeper train. Alternatively, you can make your way between France & Italy on day trains**

Due to a landslide occuring near Modane, France on 2nd July, ticket sales on Thello Night train - route 200 (Venice-Paris) and route 201 (Paris-Venice) have been suspended until 3rd Aug 2019. 

Train Number Routing Travel Times Frequency
220 Venezia Santa Lucia -Milano Centrale - Dijon - Paris Gare de Lyon 13 hours Daily
221 Paris Gare de Lyon - Dijon - Milano Centrale - Venezia Santa Lucia 13 hours Daily

**Passholders are entitled to a discounted fare, however this is currently only available to book locally**


  • Thello night trains can be booked up to 120 days in advance.
  • First name, surname & date of birth required at the time of booking.