X2000 & X3000 : Overview

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X2000 & X3000

As the futuristic name implies, this is one of the world's most modern trains. Covering Sweden and Denmark the X2000 & X3000 are known for high-quality service in addition to speed, which can zip you from Stockholm to Göteborg in 3 hours. Travel between Copenhagen and Malmo on the X2000/X3000 over the Oresund fixed link, the worlds largest cable stayed bridge between Denmark and Sweden. It takes you from city centre to city centre smoothly and efficiently with a top speed of 200 km/h. The X2000 & X3000 are well known for its high-quality service and low sound level.

Routing Travel Time Frequency
Stockholm-Copenhagen 5hrs 13mins 2 per day
Stockholm-Goteborg 2hrs 59mins 16 per day
Stockholm-Malmo 4hrs 26mins 14 per day
Stockholm - Karlstad 2 hrs 30 mins 9 per day
Stockholm - Sundsvall 3 hrs 20 mins 8 per day


  • X2000 & X3000 can be reserved 90 days prior to the train departure date.
  • Reservations are compulsory.
  • Eurail Passholders are welcome, however a seat reservation fee is payable.
  • Children: Maximum 2 children under 16 years travel free with a paying adult in 2nd class
  • Additional children or children travelling alone pay the "child price" (the same price as for youths)