JR All Shikoku Rail Pass : Details

JR All Shikoku Pass Information

The JR All Shikoku Pass allows for unlimited travel on the following rail company lines:

Unlimited use of unreserved and reserved seats on all trains operated by JR Shikoku, Kotoden, Iyotetsu, Tosaden, Tosa Kuroshio Railway and the Asa Kaigan Railway, except the Seto Sunrise overnight train.

JR trains can be used as far as Kojima Station, the first station north of the Seto Ohashi Bridge on Honshu Island.

Pass holders are entitled to discounts on the airport buses between Takamatsu and Takamatsu Airport, Matsuyama and Matsuyama Airport and Kochi and Kochi Ryoma Airport.


  • The pass is only available in Ordinary (standard) Class
  • Validity: 2, 3, 4 or 5 consecutive days.
  • The full name of the passenger as per passport including middle name must be provided at time of booking.
  • Rail Europe will issue an exchange voucher which must be presented in Japan.
  • At the time of the exchange you must nominate a start date for the pass. The date nominated can be any date in one month from the date of exchange.

Exchanging vouchers:

Rail Europe will issue an exchange voucher which must be presented in Japan and exchanged at one of the following stations: Takamatsu Station, Matsuyama Station, Tokushima Station, Kochi Station or Osaka's Umeda Station. You will receive two Exchange Order vouchers labelled A and B (located in top right hand corner) which must be presented locally within 3 months of issue date. Your Rail Pass is then valid for travel to commence within 1 month.


At the time of exchange you will be asked to fill out a short application form and show your passport with the temporary visitor stamp that you would have received upon entry into Japan. You must have your passport with you at the time of the exchange. A photocopy of your passport is not acceptable and without your passport the exchange cannot be made.

Children under six years of age may travel free of charge if they do not occupy a seat i.e. are seated on their parent's lap. (One child per adult only) Otherwise, they will need a Child Rail Pass

It is not possible to purchase point to point tickets for trains in Japan from Australia or New Zealand.

Making a Seat reservation:

To make a reservation, travellers must go to any Travel Service Center or a Reservation Office (Midori-no-madoguchi)- green pictogram: at a JR station, or to the sales office of a JR-associated travel agency. There you can show your PASS and obtain a reserved seat ticket before boarding

JR All Shikoku Rail Pass