JR Kansai Area Pass : Conditions


To be eligible to purchase this product, you must meet one of the following criteria:

Temporary Visitor (Foreign Tourist)

You are a foreign tourist visiting Japan for sightseeing under the entry status of "Temporary Visitor".

Dual Citizen (Japan & country of residence)

You are a dual citizen and have two passports (Japan and your country of residence). You MUST enter Japan under the entry status of "Temporary Visitor" on your foreign passport in order to exchange your Exchange Order for the Japan Rail Pass in Japan


Rail Europe will issue an exchange voucher which must be presented in Japan, at any JR Station that has a Japan Rail Pass Exchange Office. You will receive two Exchange Order vouchers labelled A and B (located in top right hand corner) which must be presented locally within 3 months of issue date. At that time you must specify the date you want to start using the Pass. It can be any date within one month of the date the JR Kansai Area Pass is exchanged.

Cancellations & amendments

  • To reissue a pass a fee applies: $20 fee + 10% Carrier Penalty per pass applies.
  • An Exchange Order that has not been presented for issuance of a Japan Rail Pass must be returned within 12 months from issuing date.
  • A $30 fee + 10% Carrier Penalty per pass applies.
  • Exchange Orders or Japan Rail Passes will not be reissued or refunded if lost or stolen.