JR Northern Kyushu Pass : Details

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Rail Passes are currently unavailable and our B2B tool will shortly be switch into our new B2B system. It will launch on 1 October with electronic rail passes available shortly thereafter.

JR Northern Kyushu Pass Information

The JR Northern Kyushu Pass allows for unlimited travel on the following rail company lines:

All JR Kyushu Railway Co. trains such as Kyushu Shinkansen's Tsubame, the pride of JR Kyushu, and the Sonic, a limited express.

Note that the rail pass cannot be used on the Sanyo Shinkansen (the portion connecting Hakata Station (Fukuoka) to Kokura and Honshu, and it cannot be used on subway lines, streetcars and privately operated (non-JR) rail lines.


  • The pass is only available in Ordinary (standard) Class
  • The pass is available in 3, 5 or 7 consecutive days. There is also a 4 days within 10 days pass.
  • To obtain your pass you must exchange the Exchange Order issued by Rail Europe at one of the below train stations. At the time of the exchange you must nominate a star date for the pass. The date nominated can be any date in one month from the date of exchange.

Exchanging vouchers:

Rail Europe will issue an exchange voucher which must be presented in Japan, at any JR Station that has a Japan Rail Pass Exchange Office. You will receive two Exchange Order vouchers labelled A and B (located in top right hand corner) which must be presented locally within 3 months of issue date. Your Rail Pass is then valid for travel to commence within 1 month.


At the time of exchange you will be asked to fill out a short application form and show your passport with the temporary visitor stamp that you would have received on entry into Japan. You must have your passport with you at the time of the exchange. A photocopy is not acceptable and without your passport the exchange cannot be made.

Making a Seat reservation:

To make a reservation, travellers must go to any Travel Service Center or a Reservation Office (Midori-no-madoguchi)- green pictogram: at a JR station, or to the sales office of a JR-associated travel agency. There you can show your PASS and obtain a reserved seat ticket before boarding.

JR Northern Kyushu