Swiss Express Door-to-Door Luggage : Details


Express Door-to-Door Luggage offers a same-day luggage delivery between destinations throughout Switzerland. Travellers hand in their luggage at their hotel between 6am-9am and it is delivered to their destination hotel between 6pm-11pm the same day. Times will be confirmed by the transport company prior to pickup/delivery.

Items allowed
  • Suitcases
  • Bags
  • Skis, snowboards, sleds (transported in protective covering provided by the company)
  • Baby carriages/prams/strollers/pushchairs

All items must not weigh more than 25 kg/55lbs each

Items not allowed
  • Items weighing over 25kg/55lbs
  • Bicycles

The maximum dimensions are 1.2 × 0.8 × 1.0 m, excluding the following: Skis and ski boots: a maximum of two pairs packed in privately owned bags. Snowboards: a maximum of two in privately owned bag

Click here for a list of participating towns.